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Is your WMS keeping pace with your business?

Is your WMS keeping pace with your business?

                                                                                                               A CASE FOR AN AGILE WMS

Your customers’ expectations are ever rising. It’s a constant challenge for businesses to keep pace with consumer trends amidst intense competition while growing business profitably. Additionally, in the present scenario of huge disruption and turbulence, warehouse operations must be agile and efficient to deliver enhanced fulfilment output without an increase in overall costs, to sustain and thrive. Is your existing WMS solution helping you to achieve these goals and keeping pace?
The need of the hour is to leverage standard processes and best practices to overcome challenges and meet customer needs. Your WMS system should be able to take advantage of emerging automation in the field along with the support for key omnichannel fulfilment scenarios by integrating with disparate systems & SCM networks. An adaptable, efficient and scalable WMS is a must to realize the full potential of your business & to fuel profitable growth. Does your WMS meet these expectations?


The ability to monitor the workforce and provide instant feedback is essential for warehouse operations to improve performance. Labour management capabilities in the WMS help in achieving this goal. Business analytics tools, dashboards with drill-down features, smart reports and support for mobile applications provide greater visibility to planners and supervisors with actionable insights.


  • In-built real-time workforce communication
  • Collaboration for productivity improvements
  • Process optimization to reduce costs
  • Automation of complex & repetitive processes
  • Seamless integration across platforms
  • Out-of-the-box support to enable VAS such as kitting or personalized packing for eCommerce fulfilment, labelling, small parcels shipping, etc. would greatly enhance the capability of the warehouse to cater to changing business needs.


The availability of multiple methods to complete a task is a crucial advantage for any WMS. This choice enables the warehouses to continuously refine their operational efficiency to meet their goals. Visualization of the WH operations as a virtual interactive interface to identify bottlenecks and take corrective action drastically improves productivity. WMS must support voice and RF-based operations to improve stock rotation and space utilization

  • In/out-bound visual appointment scheduling.
  • Tranship, opportunistic cross-dock, flowthrough.
  • Advanced wave management & scheduling.
  • Easy integration with the last-mile delivery system.
  • Yard visibility and auto dock assignments.
  • Tasks interleaving and dynamic slotting.
  • Customer-level activity-based traceability


  • Wave & Task Management
  • Labor Management
  • Visual ( 3D ) Monitoring
  • Automation Support
  • Dashboards & Visibility
  • Value-Added Services
  • Real-Time Integration
  • E-commerce Fulfillment
  • Billing Services For 3PLs
  • Inventory Management
  • In The Cloud

Scalability and high availability are two factors to look for in a WMS used for a high-output environment. With a cloud-based deployment option that is highly configurable, customers can onboard new clients & setup their operation/processes, without worrying about the impact on the performance of the system


The WMS must be capable of supporting operations across multiple business verticals. This is especially true for a 3PL service provider who needs to cater to a wide range of products & processes within a DC. Features required for core industries must be available and configurable out of the boxRELEASES & UPGRADES
Last but not least – your WMS product principal must have a vision & roadmap to develop & add enhanced features to support the technological innovations and improvements in the supply chain field. Upgrades should be easy to perform and backwards compatible

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