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Why Should You Implement Oracle HCM For Your Company?

Why Should You Implement Oracle HCM For Your Company?

With the rise of competition, most retailers need to hire more and more people to make their business run smoothly. But due to the lack of implementation of proper technology, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage a huge workforce. As a result, many retailers fail to run their businesses properly due to an inefficient human resource system.

That’s why it’s time to leverage new technologies to make this job easier. One such technology is Oracle HCM Cloud. 

Here is why it is getting very famous nowadays:

  • According to a survey by Gartner, Oracle-based HCM solutions accounted for approximately 60% of new HCM deployments.
  • According to a survey by Sierra-Cedar, 92% of organizations reported offering the same solutions for their employee’s benefits.

So having said that:

  • Are you, someone who is tired of high employee turnover in your retail enterprise?
  • Are you tired of hiring the wrong candidate again and again?
  • Do you want to prevent your competitors from taking away the talented employees working in your organization? 

If you can relate to any of those questions given above, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to talk about how can HCM Oracle Cloud boost your Retail Organization.


  • Definition Of HCM
  • How does HCM Work?
  • List of HCM Products
  • Top 3 Benefits Of Investing in HCM Products
  • What Do Trangile Services Do?
  • Top 3 Benefits Of Working With Us
  • Conclusion

What Is Oracle HCM?

Most HR in any Retail Based Company has to go through a lot of hectic stuff like contacting the right candidate, taking their interviews, negotiating salaries, hiring the right person giving them promotion, etc.
But with the coming of Oracle HCM Cloud, most of this task has become easier as this software helps HR to manage employees at all levels. 

It also helps you to create a collaborative work environment where each one of your employees feels appreciated and that they are contributing towards a cause.

Top 3 Features Of Oracle HCM:

Here are the top 3 HCM Oracle Cloud Products that will boost your retail enterprise:

HR Operations

It is an all-in-one solution to keep your workforce motivated and make your business operations more efficient.

Here are the 3 ways through which this solution can help you:

  • Create a proper system for hiring and retiring every kind of employee, whether they are full-time, part-time, or freelancers. Also, it allows you to engage with employees from more than 200 countries worldwide.
  • After a hectic work schedule, most of your employees will need some kind of entertainment that will help to recharge their minds. Hence, HR Operations provides a solution that will keep them engaged and ambitious through wellness, competitions, volunteering, and personal branding tools. 
  • In order to make sure that your employees work efficiently, you need to know about their details. Hence this solution will help you to keep track of their personal and professional information, make an effective job description, keep track of their files, and reduce the employee turnover rate.

Talent Management

Want to hire the best people to run your enterprise? Then the talent management solution is the right option for you. 

Here are the 3 ways through which this solution can help you:

  • Nowadays it is extremely difficult to find the right candidate for the right job. But, with the help of this latest technology offered by Oracle HCM, you can easily find the best candidate for any job role and provide an excellent working environment.
  • If the goals of your employees and your overall organization are not compatible then your enterprise growth will become stagnant. Hence the talent management solution will help you to align your employee’s goals and business goals together which will improve their overall performance and increase your business revenue.
  • Your low-performing employees deserve to get more training instead of being fired. Hence this solution helps you to create several career opportunities for your workers so that they can excel in their job.

Workforce Management

The main function of Workforce management is to integrate time, labor, and absence management in your organization.

Here are 3 ways through which this solution can help you:

  • While creating any kind of compensation plan, you need to analyze your plan and make a budget. That is when the Workforce management system comes to take this burden off your shoulder.
  • Retail owners need to make sure that each and every employees in their company receive fair compensation for their work. Hence workforce management ensures that it happens by allowing you to monitor every kind of compensation activity.
  • To make sure that the rate of compensation is being given properly, this solution considers several KPIs like Leverage performance ratings, goal attainments, and other metrics.

About Trangile Services

Nowadays most retailers spend their trying to bring their entire human resource system together. This leads to a lot of stress and hassles, as a result of which they cannot focus on the main aspects of their businesses. 

That is why we at Trangile Services are determined to take the burden off your shoulder by providing you with world-class Oracle HCM Solutions.

Top 3 Benefits of Working With Us

Here are 3 ways through which Oracle HCM Cloud can make your HR system smoother:

Attract and Retain Talent:

  • By finding and employing the ideal individuals as soon as possible, you may improve hiring efficiency and quality.
  • Boost participation through work-life solutions that inspire workers and provide an improved employee experience.
  • Provide chances for professional learning and development to retain and foster talent.

Respond With Agility To Change:

  • Align the business strategy with the people strategy
  • Prepare for staff loss with insightful data
  • Swiftly adapt the workforce to organizational changes

Streamline HR Operations:

  • Combine several HRMSs
  • Utilise analytics to inform workforce decisions.
  • Automate local and global manual procedures


Undoubtedly, most retail firms equipped with a remarkable Oracle HCM solution are bound to be successful. As evidenced by the tactics and initiatives analyzed in this article, the importance of a well-structured and effective HCM technology cannot be overstated.To help you achieve your goals, Trangile Services offers a range of comprehensive Oracle solutions. With our innovative ideas and expertise, we can help you create a unique HCM system that sets you apart from your competition.

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