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Empower Future Of Retail Businesses With Oracle


Empower Future Of Retail Businesses With Oracle

The retail industry is always evolving. Due to technological changes, demanding customers, and changing buying habits, major retailers are realising that the market has become extremely competitive. It is currently difficult for retailers that are unable to adapt and respond to these difficulties to grow and remain in the sector.

As the largest business software vendor globally, Oracle offers a huge library of products, including database services, platforms, software, hardware and more. Why is Oracle Retail recognised as the greatest ERP system for the retail industry, and what solutions does it provide? Oracle is consistently ranked highly in their retail offerings and is the best in a number of categories.

One of the major reasons that people get confused as to what exactly Oracle Retail does is because of the sheer number of offerings that come under its umbrella. These products are split up into a series of categories, each fulfilling a different purpose – merchandising, insights and science, omnichannel, planning and optimisation, supply chain and hardware.

Oracle Retail provides some of the best-in-class products for the Retail Industry and our consultants with their in-Depth knowledge and experience will implement and deliver successful solutions in Merchandising, Store solutions, Warehouse management, Omnichannel, Planning and Analytics listed below :

  • Merchandise Operations Management: Integrated suite of applications will help to know the real-time inventory across the company, create and maintain Masters-Item, supplier, execute pricing decisions, promotions management, Deals management while also managing the inventory procurement transactions to invoice matching
  • Oracle Retail Store and Omni-channel Solutions: Oracle Retail Store and Omni Channel implementations for Multi-Channel Retailers. The suite includes Oracle Xstore POS, Xcentre, XAdmin, EFT Link, Customer Engagements, Store Inventory Management, Loss Prevention and Order Broker services
  • Human Capital Management: Oracle HCM offers solutions to manage your HR functions globally with a rule-based system and can align with your company policies.
  • Oracle Retail Planning Solutions: Oracle retail provides excellent planning solutions which have highly optimized procedures and models that can
 analyse the customer insight data to make planning decisions
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How Oracle Xstore POS changing the Retail Dynamics

Oracle Xstore is a comprehensive and adaptable point-of-sale system. The system provides solutions that are tailored to the needs of executives and sales personnel in central and store operations. It allows central management to organise all stores, evaluate performance and provide reporting for shops and personnel, and assign tasks to individual stores and personnel. Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service is an embedded point-of-sale solution that efficiently helps in managing processes of today’s omnichannel retail landscape through user-friendly process flows and customer-friendly efficiency.

It includes store management features like shift management and follow-up, as well as employee performance reporting. It also delivers businesses the tools they need to improve sales performance, build relationships with clients, maintain sales and protect brand recognition, and engage with clients.

The Oracle Retail solution suite is fully compatible with Xstore. Each module of the solutions family is immediately usable after installation. It can be integrated into an organization’s existing infrastructure or other third-party systems. Improving the operator’s existing infrastructure’s skills immediately. Several retailers intend to accelerate Oracle Retail Xstore POS upgrades in order to take advantage of the built-in omnichannel and mobility capabilities provided by the most recent version of this leading POS platform.

Key Benefits Of Oracle Retail Xstore POS

Robust Functionality 

Oracle Retail Xstore POS combines both front-end and back-end store management functionality. This includes basic sale/return transactions of merchandise, payment tenders to inventory, visibility across the enterprise, customer search, pricing history, electronic journals, centralized application management tools, and much more.

Single Source of Data

Oracle Retail Xstore is not just a Point-of-Sale system, it provides the retailer with complete “Point-of-Service” functionality. Full insights on customer data, purchase history, the loyalty program, as well as the ability to receive or place new orders to up-sell and cross-sell products, from any store or sales channel across the enterprise are all included in this package.


Oracle Retail Xstore supports the most popular mobile devices such as iOS, Android and Windows-based tablets or phones. Store associates can use mobile devices, to either perform a sale, look up a customer, perform a product search, locate a goods receipt, and many other operations from anywhere in the store.  This results in improved customer service and greater operational efficiency.

Multi-country Operations

Oracle Retail Xstore is built to manage retail operations seamlessly across different countries, with different currencies, tax rates, and languages. This means that the customer is presented with a familiar brand experience and the management gets a single consolidated view of their operational status.

Leverage on Integration

With Oracle Ecommerce, the integration of loyalty management, order management, and order fulfilment applications will shorten implementation times and lower their cost. By using this set of products, retailers can provide the customer with a seamless omnichannel experience.

Our Oracle retail consulting and expertise spans across the length and breadth of the retail industry

Trangile provides end-to-end retail transformation services to help shoppers have a more modern shopping experience. Our Oracle retail consulting and expertise extends across the entire retail industry. Trangile has always assisted retailers in business expansion and revenue growth through our offerings ranging from customer-centric solutions to productivity-enhancing applications.

Trangile Oracle Services

Let Trangile help you move forward on your Point-of-Service journey. Regardless of your priorities or current business challenges, Trangile has the skillset and expertise to help you move forward quickly. Get in touch with us.

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