Unleash the true potential of Oracle Retail Merchandising with Trangile - Trangile

Unleash the true potential of Oracle Retail Merchandising with Trangile

Unleash the true potential of Oracle Retail Merchandising with Trangile

Having the proper quantity of information readily accessible in a useful and consumable style is one of retail’s greatest issues. This is more crucial than ever in light of the rise of social media, omnichannel shopping, and the drive to grow into new forms and regions. Keeping tabs on purchase orders, keeping an eye on deal revenue, adjusting replenishment settings based on consumer demand, comprehending product purchasing patterns, and compiling all of this data into stock ledger reports are essential for any retailer. Merchandising solutions act as the hub around which all other data revolves, giving businesses a clear and concise picture of how their retail operations are doing.

Trangile Oracle Retail Services

The solution is theoretically simple: allow retailers to engage in an end-to-end process of supporting their customer’s shopping experience in any channel. From pricing to availability to returns, every element of the retail experience must be developed and delivered with convenience in mind. Any barriers can quickly become insurmountable in a world where consumers are only a click away from a competitor. To provide this experience, retailers must have unified product, price, and inventory management, plus a single source of transaction information across the business, culminating in the delivery of seamless supply chain execution across channels, brands, and countries.

Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management (MOM) is one such solution specifically designed for retail. It is the central source of information and helps retailers with a simplified and accurate view across retail organizations resulting in an improved retail consumer experience.

Cloud Services for Retail and eCommerce from ORACLE:

Trangile Oracle Retail Services

Oracle’s Retail Merchandising Cloud Services are SaaS tools that help retailers make faster, more informed business decisions. These tools include role-based dashboards that provide important data about purchases, stock levels, costs, and other metrics.

The solution allows merchandising experts to spend less on administrative work and more on strategic business objectives by leveraging Oracle’s contemporary exception-based retailing approach to detect circumstances that demand attention.

Key benefits of ORACLE Retail Merchandising cloud services:

  • Franchise, wholesale operation support
  • Exception-Based Retail. Persona-based dashboards provide the users with real-time information which highlights actionable or frequently monitored activities.
  • Eliminating Complexity. Retailers can find increased efficiencies, and reduced time and cost, by focusing on the exceptions
  • Delivers Reliability and Scale
  • Proven scalability for many of the largest global retailers
  • Multi-vertical, multi-country and multi-format support ensures business agility
  • Data integrity improved by providing one central source for merchandising transaction information
  • Extensive business process and implementation documentation

ORACLE retail   offers full-cycle merchandising services which form the backbone of every successful retail business. Oracle’s full range of retail merchandising services comprises:

  • Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service
  • Retail Pricing Cloud Service
  • Retail Integration Cloud Service
  • Retail Allocation Cloud Service
  • Retail Invoice Matching Cloud Service

Key Features of Oracle Retail MOM :

  • Transparency
  • Eliminating Complexity
  • Foundation Data Management.
  • Enterprise Inventory
  • Master Data Management
  • Comprehensive Cost Tracking
  • Robust Management.
  • Complete, Seamless Integration
  • Combines the features of several different e-commerce, import-management, and sales-auditing technologies into a unified cloud offering.
  • Capabilities include Foundation Data (products, locations, suppliers, HTS), domestic and international purchase orders, cost and deals management, ELC, inventory (transfers, receipts, adjustments, stock counts), replenishment, sales audit, and a stock ledger

Trangile is the leading and one of the preferred global partners in the market for Implementing the Oracle Retail MOM solutions. The integrated suite of applications will help you know the real-time inventory across the company, create and maintain Masters-Item, supplier, execute pricing decisions, promotions management, and Deals management while also managing the inventory procurement transactions to invoice matching.

Reasons why clients choose Trangile for Oracle Retail MOM implementation :

Trangile’s Oracle Centre of Excellence comprises best practices, processes, tools and expert manpower for all focused areas offered through our specialized services offering.

  • Improved inventory accuracy and availability
  • Aligned execution with plans
  • Leverages a flexible, value-driven implementation approach
  • Highly Accurate  data

Trangile Oracle Retail Service Offerings:

Our highly skilled resources with many years of experience and training can help you accelerate your implementations and adapt to new systems. Our resources are cross-trained to provide expertise in On-Premise implementation or on Cloud.

Are you ready to take advantage of Oracle Retail’s best aspects? Get started with Trangile right now.

Speak to us to understand how you can quickly implement high-value implementations aligned to business priorities with minimal customizations. We’re here to help. Get in Touch with Us

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