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How Supply Chain Technology Is Evolving ?

How Supply Chain Technology Is Evolving ?

Customers today have higher expectations because of changes in how business is done. Since next-day and same-day delivery has become the norm, it has created a new kind of pressure on companies. Because of this rise in demand, the whole supply chain is quickly moving from a focus on functions to a network of data and operations that spans the world and is connected.

There are many new and growing ways for businesses to change their supply networks to meet the needs of their customers. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and automation are part of the digital supply chain. This network combines data and information from many sources to move products along the value chain.

For many years, cutting costs was essential in supply chain management. Today, this goal is to make customers happy, efficient, and keep going. Ethical behaviour has a significant impact on strategic supply chain management decisions. So lowering costs is still a goal, but it won’t be successful.

Delivery Automation :

Due to rising demand, many companies cannot keep up with the pace of delivery automation. Merchants call “the last mile” the last stop a product must make on its way from the warehouse or transportation hub. It’s becoming a significant issue, particularly in urban areas where consumers expect quick and flexible delivery.

Some forward-thinking companies are automating parts of their last-mile delivery systems to meet customer needs while keeping overhead costs low. Using a combination of regular shipping, self-driving vehicles, and even smaller drones, you could set up “last-mile distribution hubs” as close as six or nine miles from big cities.

Because there are smaller and more specific hubs for the last mile of delivery, companies may find more ways to get these goods to their customers. Retailers may also benefit from self-driving cars and drones, making last-mile deliveries much cheaper and more accessible.

Artificial Intelligence:

Modern supply chain optimization employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Artificial intelligence and geospatial location data could help with smart warehouse and supply chain management. Big data from some geographic regions and online interactions can show how people in certain consumer groups buy things based on specific times, events, and situations.

This is because big data is multifaceted. So, a store could use AI to determine which items are the most cost-effective for a specific warehouse based on how close it is to certain places. The site’s demographics and other information about how people use it help decide how and what to stock. This information could change based on how people act or other outside factors. So, if a heat wave is expected in a specific place, shops will need to stock up on more air conditioners.


Blockchain technology has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s not always easy to explain what it is and how it helps businesses and those who buy from them. Blockchain is about this decentralized way of checking anything, from money transactions to shipments. As a tool for the supply chain, this is a huge plus because it ensures that every contact a product or shipment may have is written down in the digital ledger and can’t be changed once it’s in the digital catalogue.

A product’s route through the supply chain may be tracked in real-time. This record includes details like where the product was when it arrived and even the weather along the way. If a business delivers goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature, like fish, this could be a game-changing new tool.

The company sending the fish has a lot to gain from keeping track of the fish’s temperature during the trip and seeing if it has hurt the cargo. When data from the blockchain ledger is put together, it may show flaws in the supply chain and help companies improve their operations over time.

Future Of Supply Chain:

Because of this, future global supply chains could be harder to manage in terms of logistics. Most large companies have supply networks spanning many countries, if not continents. Because firms are spread out, any event that disrupts the supply chain could be very bad for business, costing time, money, and even lives and putting important customer service promises at risk.

Some examples of these kinds of conflicts are strikes and natural disasters. Even if the problem’s source is found, it may be too late to stop more damage, primarily if it’s on the other side of the world and in a different time zone. Location intelligence shows employees what is happening and where it is in real-time. As a result, they have a comprehensive image of the whole supply chain. Due to an earthquake of 7.1, several highways in central Mexico were closed, and a major US automaker’s supplier activities were hurt.

Using geo-enriched maps and spatial analytics, the carmaker discovered suppliers within a 100-mile radius of the earthquake’s epicentre. So, they called the companies that made and sold the products to ensure everything was okay. They then determined whether they needed assistance or resources to restore operations. Using location intelligence made it easier for the company to recognize events and respond quickly.


As supply chains become more than a physical system, global networks of assets, data, and processes are starting to form. In this digital supply network, there will be a lot of new technologies, but they will all be linked by information about where they are.

Due to disruptive innovations such as driverless vehicles, blockchain, and spatial analytics, the digital supply network will act as a digital representation of the whole supply chain. Businesses can know everything about their operations and make plans for the future thanks to this dynamic, always-changing, real-time representation.

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