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Trangile’s framework approach to deliver solutions Faster, Smarter, Affordable and Pluggable

Trangile’s framework

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Delivers Faster

Framework-based multiple solutions is built from components. Each component is like a small service that performs a certain task.

Components are built in multiple languages and interact with each other through a robust event-based mechanisms.

This enables solutions to be delivered faster instead of developing from ground-up.

Trangile’s integration services team is fully equipped to handle all system integrations of our framework 4.0 based solutions

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Delivers Affordable

Trangile’s framework approach Reduces total cost of ownership.

Reduces dependence on software vendors.

Enables easier customization and fit in your own business processes. Achieve higher level of security.

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Delivers Pluggable

Each solution comes with well documented developer API that makes the solution platform independent and pluggable into any other platform or workflow.

Customers can choose to self-host or use our fully managed* hosted solution.

Trangile’s integration services team is fully equipped to handle all system integrations of our framework 4.0 based solution

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Delivers Smart

By deploying smarter solutions business gain an ability to:

Save time and money by automating and optimizing routine processes and tasks Increase productivity and operational efficiencies.

Make faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies Avoid mistakes and 'human errors’.

Use insight to predict and offer better, personalized experiences to your costumers.

Business Use Case

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eKYC framework enables organizations to fulfil their KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations with fast and accurate online ID and identity verification.

Our solution organizations replace slow, ineffective, and manual KYC processes with more automated solutions that can be embedded within the online account setup and onboarding experience.

eKYC’s Identity Verification solutions leverage AI, computer vision, OCR, biometrics and human review to deliver the accurate and one of the fastest solutions in the market.

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eSmart OCR meets the complex machine vision requirements of highly unstructured data, disparate data and document format independent.

Complex pattern recognition

The eSmart OCR framework delivers superior Natural Language based classification with small data sets, recognising complex patterns in data. eSmart OCR is capable of reading most of structured and unstructured data, including Images, hand printed text, cursive writing and signatures


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Video Processing

Processing of Digital video signals using special algorithms to perform specific functions

Aim is to identify outliers from a live zone of incidence. The outlier could be subject/ object in question

Open-source Compliant Streaming Devices ( CCTV / Online videos / Traffic Cameras IR/ Thermal Cameras )

Communication Channels ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) / Real Time Streaming protocol (RTSP) )

AI algorithms for video processing and deep learning ( Keras/ OpenCV/ TensorFlow )

Smart Car
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Retailers & 3PL service providers,, the existing WMS implementations ( INFOR, SAP, Oracle, JDA ), a majority of them are designed to cater to the B2B fulfilment i.e. stock transfer to their / principals own store locations. This is usually an FTL or bulk movement of merchandise from the DC to the retail stores. However, in the current scenario especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has moved rapidly to online transactions using virtual stores, marketplaces for direct home delivery. This is going to be a permanent change in the shopping behaviour and the businesses need to rush to cater to this situation.


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